Day 145 to 152 – May 25th to June 1st, 2018


I actually didn’t think it had been that long, honestly! I kept telling myself each and every day, “it’s fine, you’ll write when you get a chance.” But holy shit, nine days!!!

And, it’s the beginning of a new month now too! We are officially pretty much in the halfway point of 2018, in the sixth month of this year.

Okay, this month, I’m going to make a point of writing every day. “Yeah, yeah, okay, Steph”, you’re saying. “We’ve all heard that one before.” But for reals! June is going to be a good month. I can already feel it.

I’m going to be running around my neighbourhood at least 4-5 times a week, for however long I can. And, I’m going to work a little less (after Father’s Day weekend of course) so that I can get started on my summer plans. I have big ones in store. Which reminds me! I need to write down my summer bucket list! I suppose it’s fitting now that it’s the 1st of June.

Before I begin on the present though – is there anything I’ve missed in the past week that I direly need to write about? Let’s see…

Well, I’ve been super busy, in regards to my social life; I’ve been making plans with absolutely everyone I know in an effort to keep my relationships balanced with everyone. I hadn’t realized how many people are in my life that I make efforts towards until this past week, LMAO. It’s been great though – I’ve tried some amazing new food places, had some great conversations, discovered amazing patios, and I feel like I’ve been making the most of the summer as a result. I have to, seeing as I don’t have school on my plate, you know?

Which reminds me – sometime soon, I’m going to have to take a day to sit down and figure out what September and onwards is going to look like for me. Even though my school is still on strike, there will come a day when it’s not on strike any longer and operations will resume as per usual. So I may as well be prepared for that.

Anyways, back to catching up – Leila and I hung out after she came back from vacation and it was so, so good. We had a bit of a talk while she was away; she was honest with me about how she wished she could see me more often, and we promised to make it work despite our busy schedules. Honestly, I’m so glad that we can be so open and honest with each other about how we feel and what we want from our friendship. It’s so healthy and it’s so conducive to our relationship with one another, and it bolsters my faith in the fact that we’re going to be in each other’s lives for a very long time to come.

I haven’t had very many people in my life who have fought to stay, you know? None of my high school friends did, the people I stopped talking to throughout university didn’t try to make it work either. I know those chapters came to a close as they were meant to because I learnt everything I could, but in this case with Leila, it’s different. I want us to grow old together, LMAO. I want us to stay in each other’s lives, I want us to grow and learn together. And I really believe that we can, which makes my soul happy.

Work has been the same, but it was nice to be away from it for a while – I had another three days off from it again this week, and that’s where all my plans were made. I hung out with my coworkers, with Radha, and even with Bianca and Bethany and Olivia for a moment before heading off to Scarbs to spend the evening with Leila! It’s been a great week.

Ah, regarding my plans from last week – so Radha, Krish, Adrian and I were supposed to go out to Drake hotel last Friday right? But, we didn’t end up going because last minute, Krish bailed, which led to Radha and Krish having a conversation about the nature of their relationship, and consequently ending it.

So we ended up just chilling at Adrian’s that night, and Joey (Adrian’s other best friend), ended up joining us. It was so much fun – we smoked a bit, talked, got into a discussion about food and music, and Joey told Radha and I about this one time that Adrian and him got really, really high and Adrian passed out, LOL. It was cool to talk to someone who knew so much about Adrian and watched him grow the way he has. And I was so happy that I got to hang out with them like that too, so that Joey could get to know me as well.

I got to spend the night again and Sharon and I ended up going into work together since she and I had the same shift and she happens to live literally right around the corner! It worked out perfectly.

Anyways, that was the gist of this past week!

I’ve got to start wrapping this up because I’m going to start getting ready soon to leave to Adrian’s, but before I go; during the week, I kept wanting to ask Adrian to hang out but my gut also told me to wait a little bit. And I’m glad I did, because he ended up messaging me to tell me that he missed spending time with me and asked to see me soon.

So today, he came over and it ended up working out perfectly that I had the whole house to myself all morning and afternoon. We didn’t really have plans per se and we were kind of winging it, but we ended up staying in (in bed, hehehe) and I ended up making him my famous chocolate chip pancakes afterwards, which he loved.

I was just thinking earlier this week that I wanted more opportunities to really connect with him – while I love how deeply we connect physically, I wanted that same connection emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well. And today was the perfect balance of that.

Yes, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other within the two seconds he’d entered my house. But after, we just laid in my bed and talked, which I loved. We talked about such random stuff – about how he used to keep grapes in his mouth before he went to sleep when he was a baby, and would wake up with them in his mouth! It got to a point where his parents had to check his mouth before he went to sleep, LMAO. I have no idea why I find this fact so ridiculously endearing, but I do.

We caught up about our lives – I told him all about what happened between Leila and I and how we’re in a better place now, about how I’d been spending a lot of time with my coworkers and trying new food, and he caught me up about how Mark and Joey are doing, and what he’s been up to lately.

We also talked about Olivia and Trevor (who are in a bit of a tough spot right now), and his insights regarding the nature of relationships blew me away. We were quite on par in regards to our perspectives on relationships, about how important it is to build that foundation first, how important it is to be yourself right from the start. He also agreed that I should trust in Olivia’s process whilst doing my best to be there for her.

I’m so glad I was patient in regards to how much I’ve wanted to spend time with him – today, he made a list of all these amazing summer plans he wants to do with me and it made me so, so happy. He wants to do a beach day, do a cottage weekend, and sometime soon he wants to take me out to a nice dinner in downtown somewhere where there’s a beautiful patio, so that we can dress up a little and enjoy each other’s company (this was cute – he was like, “would you like to go on a date with me?” and I joked and I was like “I don’t know… maybe”, but when I said yes he jokingly said back, “okay phew, I was totally nervous about asking you”).

Funny enough (a synchronicity that showed me how in tune we really are) he randomly started looking up show times for a drive-in movie theatre for next week, which is what we’re planning for and I’m SO EXCITED. The coincidence is that, literally the day before, I was doing the exact same thing randomly – looking at drive-in movie theatres and timing, because I had remembered he’d suggested that a while ago on our movie-dinner-park date night. I can’t wait! I’ve never gone into a drive-in movie theatre before, and I’m glad that we’re making more of an effort to spend time with each other.

Another cute coincidence – I knew we only had a couple hours together this morning because he had to leave to work early, but I was so hoping he’d ask me to come over and spend the night after he finished work. But, I didn’t want to be too forward and ask in case the couple hours we spent today was enough for him. He went outside for a moment, and to myself I was like, “please, Universe, please.” Much to my delight however, when he found out I didn’t have plans for later tonight, he asked me if I’d like to come over and immediately I was like yes please, LMAO. We both laughed after, because it was a funny moment where we both kind of paused and looked at each other before he asked me.

I’m honestly so happy. He makes me so happy. And he told me that I make him happy too, today. I love how he makes me laugh, I love what we talk about, I love how he looks at me and how he makes me feel. Even now, two months since we’ve met, he still looks at me like he’s seeing me for the first time ever.

He confessed to me today that for the first month of us seeing one another, his friends didn’t know my name. And when I asked why, it was because when Radha had first shown him pictures of me, the first thing he said was “this girl is an eleven out of ten.” So when he would talk to his friends about me, he would describe me as an “eleven out of ten”, and at first they were kind of like, “yeah, right.” But once they met me, they agreed too LOL. And so back then, whenever they’d asked what he was up to and he was spending time with me, he’d say “I’m hanging out with eleven out of ten tonight.” And that’s why they didn’t know my name – my moniker had become “eleven out of ten.”

I thought it was so cute! I love how highly he speaks of me, not just to me but to his friends.


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