Day 155 – June 4th, 2018

Short quick log for tonight!

Today was a good day – I finally had a me-day, after a very long time. I slept in, I stayed in bed to read my new book on spiritual materialism, and once Olivia got back from summer school, she and I went to the gym for about an hour in order to work out, and it felt amazing to get back into it! I did my running like I said I would, and then we worked out further which made me extra happy. All in all, it was a productive start to my little break from work.

Tomorrow, I’m seeing the lady from Milton who does the Turkish coffee readings, the woman who’s able to tell you about your past, present or future depending on what shapes form after you drink this coffee and put the cup back down onto the saucer.

I was waiting for a confirmation today about this appointment that I wasn’t sure would come, because I wasn’t quite sure what the universe had in store for me regarding this, you know? I don’t even know what answers I’m looking for because I’m quite happy with the way things are in my life right now. I think it’s more so curiosity that’s drawing me towards this. I know that the future is written already and I’m well on my way towards it, so I’m not too concerned about how it’s all going to unfold because ultimately, I know I will be happy. Well, it’s happening tomorrow so we’ll see what’s said! I’m excited, a little nervous but mostly excited.

Anyways, that’s about it for today! So far, June has been off to a fantastic start and I’m so glad that I’ve been keeping to my word about writing every day, being more active and healthy, and getting back to my growing spiritualism and meditation. It’s sad, but I only wrote a total of eight times last month… I just counted, and realized that out of the thirty-one days of the month of May, I only sat down eight times to write to myself. I know time flies when you’re having fun, but I don’t want to let my growth slip through my fingers undocumented, you know? And even though I’m so happy to be spending more time being present in my present, I want some memories to look back on too.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll find a chance to compose my summer bucket list! Either way, I definitely have to write about my reading. So, wish me luck! (Though I’m sure I don’t need it since the universe is eternally with me, as I am of it.)

Love always and in every way,


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