Day 152 – June 11th, 2018

Hello! Olivia took her laptop so I’m way too lazy to continue catching up about this past weekend here on my phone. So for today, it’ll just be a short quick log.

So this morning, Adrian asked if I was off tomorrow, and I said I was and asked why. And he was like: “it’s going to be a beautiful day tomorrow – I was wondering if you wanted to… find a beach to go to 🙂 spend the day in the sun!”

Legit, my heart did whole cartwheels at this text LMAO. I remembered the days last year when I wrote down my list of core four values I wanted my future partner to embody, and “spontaneity and adventurousness” was right at the top of the list.

Actually, come to think of it, Adrian embodies all four of the values I wrote down: adventurousness (being able to laugh at life and have fun), compassion (genuine kindness and sincerity), independence (have their own interests, hobbies, life, friends etc) and lastly, affectionateness (reciprocity for intimacy, of all kinds).

Who would have thought? Is it possible I manifested this person into my life? Perhaps. I truly do believe in the Law of Attraction. And I never thought I’d ever meet someone who embodied all four of these core values but… I did. I made a contract with myself that I wouldn’t for settle for anything less or compromise on those values, and now I’m with someone who encompasses all four, and surpasses even that which I could have ever imagined for myself.

Anyways, I digress. I’m just, so incredibly thankful and happy. I’ve always wanted to be with someone like this – someone who’ll spontaneously plan beach days, someone always ready to adventure and live life to the fullest with me, but also someone who’s down to spend all day in bed with me too. Someone who showers me with affection and real intimacy on a constant basis, someone who’s not afraid to be expressive and open and communicative with me. I never thought I could have this, so I always settled for less. But no more.

I get it now. When you truly love yourself, when you really look inwards to combat your demons, your insecurities and deepest fears, when you decide you no longer want to carry the baggage of your past around with you or pass it off for someone else to carry, when you no longer entertain old thought processes or negative habits, when you put in work to rewire neural pathways that do not benefit you or allow you to grow, and most of all when you decide to truly stop settling for anything less than what you deserve – you can actually have it all. You really can. Faith and trust in the process all along the way, can bring you to this point.

Everything I’ve experienced in this past year and a half alone is direct proof of this. And even now, I have ways to go and so, so much more to learn. I’ve only just skimmed the first couple pages of this massive tome that is self-discovery and growth.

This whole thing, it’s still really “early” – I’m still getting to know Adrian, and as amazing as this surface impression has been so far, I know there’s still so much depth to him I’ve yet to learn about. I’m looking forward to it all. No matter what happens, nothing can take away from what I’ve learnt in this, thus far.

I’m happy. No, actually… I’m at peace.

So, Thank you Universe. Thank you. I am so unbelievably grateful for all of this, for everything I’ve learnt, for all the love I have for myself and all the love I have in my life, for this beautiful, miraculous and incredible present that I am here in, right now, right this second. Thank you.

Love always and in every way,


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