Day 167 – 172 – June 16th – 21st, 2018

Alright so, I did lose track of days for a bit there BUT, I did do really well for the majority of this month thus far so it’s okay.

It’s been a great week thus far! The weekend came and went and it was amazing – that Saturday night ended up turning into a spontaneous night out where Adelaide and Leila ended up coming too, almost like a mini-reunion! And it’s so funny that it turned out that way too, because Leila and I always said we definitely wouldn’t mind hanging out with just Krystal and Adelaide sometimes, and it ended out working out that way perfectly.

It was such a fun night – we all caught up over what’s been going on, and then we bounced from place to place until we settled into this awesome chill bar kinda patio with a great view of the city.

I’ve been doing well with eating healthy still, and I cooked my own chicken breasts yesterday for the first time ever! Well, I mean, I marinated them on my own, but Adrian kind of helped with the cooking part LOL.

We hadn’t seen each other in a while so he came over yesterday to hang out for a while before he had to go off to his baseball and soccer games. It was sweet – he came over super early so that we could spend a majority of the day together, and we ended up going for a walk to get coffees from Tim Hortons, and sitting out on my patio swing for the majority of the afternoon.

I love that when we talk, we talk endlessly about everything and anything. And it’s not mundane surface topics either like about work or people. We never run out of things to say to one another and we’re always finding a way to teach the other something new.

There was one point when we were inside the living room when he told me that being in that room reminded him of the moment of our first kiss, (which to me, was a perfect moment I’ll always treasure). And then we started talking about the moment each of us knew we wanted to kiss the other. For him, it was in our lingering hug goodbye after our six hour coffee date; he said he’d felt it then, that pull. For me, it was during the coffee date LMAO. It was the moment he was telling me about this experience he had during his trip to Italy; his cousins stopped on a road overlooking the mountains, and told him to drink from a tiny spout of water that was coming out of a brick wall. At first, he’d hesitated, but once he drank the water, he realized it was unlike anything he’d ever experienced before.

It was the passion he had as he told me this story that reminded me so much of my own, regarding my travels and my open-mindedness to new experiences. That was the moment I’d looked at him and thought, “gee, I’d really like to kiss this guy right about now.”

It was a lot of fun, yesterday. It really doesn’t matter what we do or where we are – I’m more than happy to just be in his company, to be around him, even if it’s content silence.

Anyways, this week was a bit of a blur but I did have two days off and I made the most of it. I worked today, I work tomorrow but then this weekend is going to be jam-packed with all sorts of plans once again. We’ll see what’s meant to be! I’ll definitely try to find a moment to write tomorrow.

Love always,


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