Day 230 – August 18th, 2018

I have this theory that the 18th of every month is always a little bit extra special, since it’s the number of my birth day. Today was no exception – it’s been absolutely magical from start to finish, and I just… I need to write this down. These are the moments I want to remember, these are the moments that remind me how amazing this life can be and that there’s SO MUCH MORE TO THIS EXISTENCE than we can even begin to fathom.

Okay. So this morning, I decided to get my school schedule completely in order since there’s only about 3 days left before my mom and I leave, and once I get back I’d only have about one week before school began again. So I sat down and started searching through course after course and tweaking my schedule so that it worked in accordance with both my job and (most importantly) my mental health and well-being.

While looking through some required courses that I need towards my degree, I was going through the “Natural Science” section when a title of a course caught my eye – “Energy”. Now, I’m not much one for science, but seeing as I have this newfound love for the Universe and all it entails, this title actually piqued my interest. So, I clicked on it.

The first things that caught my eye were the numbers; I immediately noticed right off the bat that the course code was the day and month of my birthday. The second thing I noticed was that the number of credits the course was worth was my favourite number, 6. And the third thing? The synchronicity that almost had me fall out of my chair in shock?

The professor’s name.

Her first name? My first name. And her last name?

Adrian’s last name.

Just… how!?!?!? What are the odds!?!?!? No seriously, can someone tell me how her first name was spelled exactly as my own and her last name happened to be the last name of the guy I’m seeing right now!!?!?!??

I just… there really is no such thing as coincidence, there isn’t. Just straight up magic and Universe and these amazing incredible synchronicities.

I kind of want to show him but also I’m scared he’s going to think I’m hinting at “more”, you get what I mean? Like my name and his last name, the way every girl with a crush writes down in her notebook and fantasizes about in some far away manner. But honestly, I’m just in complete awe of this and I think it’s an amazing synchronicity. I’m not trying to figure out what it means, I’m just letting it be what it is.

^ and that’s what surface me says, if he were to ask. But deep down?

I know, without a doubt, he and I were meant to meet. I don’t know on what capacity, I don’t know for how long we’ll be in one another’s life, all I know is that this was meant to happen. This synchronicity solidified the certainty I’ve felt from the get-go.

Can’t explain it, don’t want to. It’s just so beautiful, in it of itself.

Later today, while I was talking to Olivia, she told me that she’d just finished The Alchemist and was beginning to understand the nature of the Universe herself, which made me so incredibly happy. She experienced a wonderful omen once she finished the book, and I couldn’t be more grateful that she’s forming her own connection with the magic of this life, on her own terms.

Once I got into work, I was happily greeted by all my co-workers, but especially so by Lori.

I’ve told plenty of my co-workers about my book, and one day I was about to head out on break when I announced to everyone that I was about to go out into the mall and hunt down “the pen”. “The pen” that I would use to compile my book, the one that I was meant to find and the one that was meant to find me. All a sudden, Lori told me not to buy the pen. Confused, I asked her why but she adamantly told me not to buy the pen, that it wasn’t time. Not one to refute a message from the universe, I agreed not to buy the pen and went on my merry way.

Turns out, Lori wanted to buy me “the pen”. And not only that, she wanted to do something extra special with it too, and promised to bring it in for me.

So today, once I was all settled in, she brought me a little gift bag with a card in it. Excited, I immediately reached for the pen but she asked me to read the card first. It was so lovely – she thanked me kindly for always having been there for her, and asked me to let the pen guide me on this journey.

And then I looked at the pen, and suddenly I could feel all the blood whisking around my body in shock yet again. Not only was the pen absolutely stunning, it was also engraved with my initials in the EXACT way I sign them. And on the other side were the words that I’ve come to cherish so deeply…

“It is written”.

It was yet another reminder from the universe. My arabic tattoo, the one from The Alchemist, translates exactly into that phrase. It was the part in the book that resonated deeply with me the most. It reminds me that our fates (while being within our hands through our choices) are also written in the stars, and we ARE made of the stars. We ARE of this Universe, and this Universe is of us.

I immediately burst into tears, LMAO. It was just such a beautiful moment – what are the odds that Olivia just finished the book and reminded me of how beautiful it is, and then the Universe sends me its own way of reminding me?

It is written! This is my destiny, this is my personal legend and my “treasure”, if you will. I’ve been slowly compiling this book and without even realizing, I’d embarked on my own journey to my personal legend all along! I MUST, MUST, MUST fulfill this! I was meant to! And so I will. How can I not, when the whole Universe is conspiring alongside me to make this happen?

It’s all I can think about. And I know I’m still writing it – this upcoming trip, what’s to come in September and October, I know these next two months are going to be integral to my book’s “ending”, per se.

Anyways, I immediately rushed over to Lori and thanked her as deeply as I could for supporting my deepest dream in such a wonderfully beautiful way. I was so incredibly touched by her thoughtfulness and so utterly grateful to be surrounded by so much love, light and support on a constant basis.

And last but not least, the synchronicity that ended this day: once I got home from my fantastic work shift, I randomly asked my mom for the mail key so I could go check the mail. She asked me why, and I idly told her that I wanted to see if a package had come for me but I wasn’t all too hopeful because I’d ordered it in July and had no idea where it was or when it’d be arriving (the shipping tracker didn’t work – I tried all throughout July and eventually gave up).

So I walked over to the mailbox in the dark of night, opened it up and groped around in it until I could feel something. Much to my surprise, there wasn’t just mail in there… there was a package too.

I pulled everything out slowly, and in the dim lighting of the nearby streetlight, I tried to make out what it said on the package and indeed, it had my name on it. Could it be? It wasn’t like I’d ordered anything else lately.

Curious and very excited, I raced back home and dashed inside and announced to my parents that if this package was what I thought it was, then I was psychic. And… IT WAS THE PACKAGE I’D ORDERED IN JULY!!!!

Am I psychic? Who knows! But maybe… maybe this is what happens when you start letting your intuition really and truly guide you. How else can I explain the sudden impulse that led to me asking my mom for that mail key (something I haven’t done in months), or what led me to clicking on that “Energy” course, or even what drew me to that store that had the EXACT hat I had been visualizing!?

This is it!!! This is the shift I’ve been waiting for without even realizing, this was the time I was meant to finally read “The Secret” despite having it on my book list for almost two years now. I’ve been so blessed to witness synchronicities in the past year or so but the level to which I’m manifesting these now is just absolutely astounding.

Straight up, it’s magic. Like real magic. Miraculous, almost. But I believe in it all, with all that I am and all that I have. And I’m so grateful, so unbelievably grateful to have witnessed it the way that I have.

What a wondrous and amazing life this is. There’s so much more than just what we are, and what we are is already incredible as is.

I’m thankful. To be alive, to experience every single fraction of a second that I am able to be on this Earth. Do you know how wonderful it feels to be this happy, just to be alive?

I hope you do. I hope you experience this level of transcendental effervescent happiness that comes with being happy to simply exist.

Love always and in all ways,


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