Day 235 to 241 – August 23rd to 29th, 2018

I’m baaaa-aaaaaack! So much for writing every day, hahaha. Honestly though, I couldn’t even find a single minute to sit down and write because the entire trip was go-go-go from start to finish and I wouldn’t have had it any other way! We were living in the moment in every moment we were given, and I truly believe that that was the best way to experience it all. And oh, what an experience it was… I barely even know where to begin or what to talk about! How do I encapsulate the beauty of the Eiffel Tower, or the never ending hustle and bustle of Piccadilly? How do I best describe the feeling of cruising down the Seine River at night while Paris was alive with love and lights? Or the incredible moment when an actor performed my all-time favourite soliloquy from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”… at Shakespeare’s birth place itself!?!

Sigh. It was all magic, from start to finish.

Alright, let’s start at the beginning!

The plane ride flew by in a breeze (heheh, pun intended), and before we knew it we were in England. We were staying with some family friends we’d met back a couple years ago who happened to live close to London, so they’d picked us up from the airport to bring us back to theirs. And oh man, their place was absolutely beautiful and so absolutely comfortable – I can’t even begin to express how grateful we were or how lucky we felt to be able to have a place to stay in another country that genuinely felt like home.

We got in pretty late at night, but me and the daughter of our family friends’, Anastasia, managed to convince her parents and my mom to let us go for a late night drive around the town.

I’d met Anastasia when she was much younger, but she had grown in the years that have passed into this beautiful, smart, wise and absolutely hilarious young woman, full of life and spontaneity, kind of like me. We got along right off the bat – we were very much alike in so many different ways, right down to our young-hearted nature yet old-soul vibes.

We drove around, talking and catching up about things that were currently going on in our lives until about 1 in the morning, and finally headed back in time to catch some sleep for the next days’ adventures.

And boy did we ever adventure! The next day, Anastasia planned out an entire route and tour of all of London’s most famous sites and hidden gems. We took the “tube” (the Underground subway system that was so damn intricate that it blew my mind) into the heart of London and began our day by starting at Buckingham palace. I got to see the famous balcony that the royal couples kissed on, in person! And, the flag was up which most likely meant that the Queen was in, which was incredibly cool.

We went and saw so many different things – Big Ben (at least, what we could see of it since it was under some construction), the Parliament building, the London Eye, we walked through South Bank, caught a bit of a busker show at Leicester Square, experienced Piccadilly Circus, and then made our way over to Soho and Chinatown before ending off at the wonderfully charming Covent Garden.

I can easily list all the things we did and saw, but honestly it was the experience of walking around with my mom and Anastasia that really made the adventure. There were moments where we were howling with laughter so hard that we could barely walk, and we shared an amazingly delectable lunch together at this gorgeous little hidden gem of an Italian restaurant in Anastasia’s favourite place, Covent Garden. It was all so beautiful, I couldn’t help but sit and look up and thank the Universe for being gifted with this absolutely incredible experience.

Eventually later on that day, Olivia joined us and we ended up going out that night to a club, so I can officially say I partied in London muahaha. It was such a good time; everyone was so hype and the music was so, so good! Olivia and I made it back home in time to catch about an hour of sleep before we jetted off (or more accurately caught a train) to Paris for the weekend.

Ah, Paris. The city of love, the city of lights.

Side note – it’s only 7 pm here where I am right now and 12 am in London and holy crap, I am feeling that jet-lag hardcore right now. I had a coffee earlier on but for some reason time is passing in weird jumps and despite having a great sleep last night, I suddenly feel completely out of it as though I haven’t slept in 3 days! Jet-lag is such a strange feeling. Also, not only do I feel like I have physical jet-lag but I also think that emotional and mental jet-lag is totally a thing too. All day today I felt kind of weird and relatively antsy, as though I should be doing something. I’ve grown so accustomed to that non-stop action and adventure mentality over the course of this past week to the point that doing nothing today almost made me feel nervous LOL.

I’m so tempted to hit the pause button on this log and call it a night, but I know what’s going to happen if I do – I’m going to go to sleep now, and end up waking up at like 4 am feeling wide awake since it’ll technically actually be 9 am, in London. So, I may as well continue on for as long as I can before I actually direly need to knock out! I’ve got to break this jet-lag somehow.

Anyways, carrying on – Paris.

We took a train over from London to Paris, where we were able to stay with a relative of a family friend – right in the heart of Paris, the central area. He worked for the Embassy too, so he had a nice spacious flat with enough room for all of us to stay comfortably, with a gorgeous view of the city streets and the Eiffel Tower. Honestly though, how lucky are we!?!?! I can’t even begin to express my utter gratitude for our sheer luck and good fortune.

Once we were all settled in, we immediately headed out for a tour of the Eiffel Tower. It… was… breath-taking. Seriously, the endless amount of pictures that I’ve seen over the span of my life did not do it any justice. There’s just this certain magic that pictures can’t quite capture. It was so lovely – Olivia, my mom and I actually took some time to sit down and bask in the ambiance of it all by buying some macarons and eating it on the tower, heh. We talked about life, and how important it is to truly enjoy these moments and make the most of the life we’ve been given, which is exactly what we were doing. It was such a moving moment that I couldn’t help but tear up, LMAO. I just felt so lucky and so incredibly happy and content to be experiencing the things I’ve experienced.

Eventually once we’d had our fill, we headed back down to get ready to adventure around at night. We had a boat cruise planned for later on, but since we had some time to kill and since drinking in public is allowed in Europe, we decided to take a bottle of wine back to the Eiffel Tower and sit and watch the sunset and the light show as night fell.

I don’t think I know enough words in the English language to describe how absolutely stunning the tower was during the light show, as night fell over the Seine. It looked as though it were encrusted with diamonds, glittering effervescently in the pale pink dim light of the setting sun. It was magic. Simple as that.

And then came my favourite part of our whole trip to Paris – the boat cruise down the Seine river.

Okay, I really want to finish this but I actually feel like I can’t compute right now (HAHAHA geddit, compute, because I’m typing this out on a computer!?!? …oh god.) But actually though, I’m so tired that I’m starting to feel drunk LOLOLOL.

I’m sure I’ll find a moment to sit down and really finish this off, but I don’t think it’ll be tomorrow – Adrian asked me to come over so that we could spend some time together at his place before heading off to the CNE.

I’m soooooooooooo excited sljrltjelrtjlgketkejkt5 holy crap how I’ve MISSED HIM!!! But there’s another reason I’m also excited; while I was away, he messaged me and told me that he had an “unconfirmed surprise” that probably wouldn’t have happened “had he not met me”, and it was something that I “wouldn’t believe”.

I spent a couple days in agonizing curiosity wondering what it could be – had he booked a spontaneous trip somewhere, how I’m prone to do? Was it a tattoo?

A couple days later, he sent me a picture of this gorgeous white blue-eyed Himalayan kitten with the fluffiest of fur, and asked me what I thought. I immediately asked whose adorable little floof that was, and all he sent was “:)”.

When I’d read that, I happened to be to walking into the tube and I actually stopped in my tracks and proclaimed “NO WAYYYYYYY!” at the top of my lungs, much to the dismay and annoyance of the people walking behind me trying to catch their train, LMAO.


Can he be any more perfect!?!?!? I actually can’t. A co-worker happened to ask him at work if he knew anyone who could provide a good home to some kittens who’d been left at a vet’s and after seeing their little fluffy faces, he volunteered to take one himself.


Anyways, quick update – he’s just asked me to come over tonight if I can and ya best BET that I’m about to fly upstairs, pack my shit and get the hell out of here. Funny enough, I’m suddenly feeling a lot more awake LMFAO. I know it’s only been a week but honestly I truly can’t wait to see him and have him pull me close into his arms again.

I’ll write when I can!!! Until next time,

Love always and in every way,


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