Day 4 – January 4th, 2018

HIIIII! Okay, quick quick log because I’ve got to get to sleep because I’ve got to get up early because Adrian and I are actually meeting a little earlier than I thought we were because he wants to take me to a Dr. Seuss art gallery in downtown and I still have NO IDEA what I’m going to wear but he told me to dress nicely for our dinner reservation afterwards!!!! AHHHHH


This entire past week I have been scouring for deals to places I’ve never been before or amazing prices and I just happened to be wandering aimlessly on the internet when I stumbled upon that deal!!!! At first it was $270 but because I had a travel voucher from the money I got back from that one-way ticket to Belize I refunded last year, it came down to $180 for me and I was able to book it at that price. And it’s actually a miracle that I was able to because, right when my coworkers tried to book at the same price afterwards, the price jumped up to $475 out of nowhere!!!

I knew when I found something, it would just fall into place and be meant to be, just like all my other trips I’ve taken for the past two years.

I’M SO EXCITED!!! Now I need to book New Orleans for reading week, but I’m still toggling around with the dates because the prices aren’t exactly what I want them to be. We’ll see how it goes, but I’m so determined to go!!!!

LMAO this reminds me of the beginning of my last two years – in 2018, I left to Antigua around this time and in 2017, I booked my trip to Hawaii!!! I swear I begin every year with an amazing bang.

Speaking of, I had dinner tonight with Leila and Sofia and it was so, so much fun! We ate so much food and tried all sorts of new drinks, even ended up going to two places on Yonge instead of just the one! It was such a nice night and so nice to actually catch up with Sofia properly. It reminded me a lot of the old days when we used to hang out.

Anyways, this year is only 4 days in and already it’s shaping up to be an absolutely phenomenal year!!! I’M SO EXCITEDDDD AHHHHHHH

I’ll find some time to write tomorrow! I know it’ll be challenging because Adrian and I will be spending the day with one another, but nevertheless even if I have to jot down a quick note in my phone, I’ll do it!

Until then!

Love always and in every way,


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