Day 5 – January 5th, 2019

Hello! Okay so I’m gonna type out a super quick log because I’m with Adrian right now, but I didn’t want this day to pass without writing.

We had the most… incredible date day today. And not because what we did, but because what we spoke about. It got so, so, so intense. In fact, I barely have the words to explain how profound and thought-provoking our conversation was, only that it made me think in ways I didn’t even know I could think in.

I’ve never met anyone like him. I can talk to him about the things I actually want to talk about – the awareness behind our primary stream of consciousness, how language cannot efficiently capture universal truths or experiences such as being at the edge of a cliff, how we are so much more than our thoughts and our feelings and bow awareness of this fact can change your entire direction of life.

I’ll go more into depth when I have a moment. I just wanted to mention, how completely in awe I am of him, of us, of how we found in each other. I never in a million years thought I could have conversations like these, have answers like the ones I gave today.


Okay, that’s all for today! Until tomorrow.

Love always,


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