Day 10 – January 10th, 2019

I’m really starting to enjoy this habit I’m getting into of ending my day by writing my log! I honestly forgot how refreshing it feels to write every day, even if it’s briefly.

Yet another great day – manifested some more great things that I had initially written down (got the textbook and testbanks for my class for FREE instead of having to pay like I expected because I knew someone in the class).

However – this morning I woke up and my nodes were actually aching, for the first time since they’ve appeared. I’m not worried, but it’s actually quite uncomfortable. I can’t carry anything on that side of my body because the pain is reaching all the way into my shoulder. If I even sniffle too hard, I get a sharp pain. It’s weird.

It feels like I have a sore or stiff neck, but the pain is emanating directly from the lower nodes that are tucked beneath my right clavicle rather than the upper ones which were the first ones to appear visibly.

It’s okay though, because I have my appointment next week – which I’m looking forward to more and more.

Anyways, that’s about it for today! Tomorrow I’m going back to work and- oh! By the way – you know how initially during my last shift I was worried about the amount of hours I had, but everything worked itself out because my grant monies, the tax cheque and the hotel being comp’d? WELL, my manager Maria messaged me today and told me she gave me more shifts LOL! What are the odds? Not that I needed them, but I won’t say no to more abundance, I truly am thankful.

I wonder if I’m manifesting things at this rate because I’ve begun meditating every single day again and because I’ve been writing every one of my goals down. I know those two things in combination apparently invoke the Law of Attraction to a stronger degree than just visualization, so it’s very interesting to me to be witnessing all these things unfold.

Regardless of what it is or how it’s all happening, I’m so grateful. I’m so blessed, thankful and happy.

Thank you Universe, for everything, every big thing, and every little thing.

Anyways before I go, as I was saying – tomorrow I go back to work, and after work I finally have plans to see and hang out with Radha after almost three months of not being able to hang out (I haven’t seen her since my birthday weekend at the cottage in October!). We’ll see how that goes!

Until tomorrow then!

Love always,


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