Day 13 – January 13th, 2019


You know, one thing that was quite handy about writing every week or so was that I would have more to write about – and not just to catch up but because I had more feelings and thoughts on such things, you know?

Down side of that though, is that I tend to forget the things that happened and the thoughts and feelings I had on those things fly right out the window with them.

Last night, I got really high and watched that new Black Mirror interactive movie, Bandersnatch? Yeah, bad idea to do it right before I went to bed and possibly not the best idea to do it high either – my dreams were so vivid they HAD OPTIONS. Like no joke, there would be options at the bottom of my dream.. screen? And I kept reliving the movie IN MY DREAMS trying to work it out!

But, I also kept tossing and turning because the goddamn pain in my neck, lord. It’s just mad uncomfortable you know? And I’m not trying to pop painkillers on a daily basis either, but I have been trying other natural (and “herb”al) remedies which have been helping in the meanwhile.

This week, I’m off from work until Saturday!!! Party over here, whoop whoo- JUST FUCKING KIDDING, you best bet I’m going to be resting at home in silence this week LMFAO.

I’m going to manifest that, whatever does end up happening with these nodes (visualizing that they’re going away being the number one thing of course), that I get to do it in a way that doesn’t interfere with my travel plans.

Yeah I know, health comes first without health we have nothing YES. But travel… travel over everything. KIDDING. Maybe. Just a little.

Either way, I know that everything’s going to be fine. This pain is probably a sign that it’s time for these bad boys to start disappearing. I appreciate that they’ve been fighting off whatever the hell is wrong with me but, HELLO BODY I FEEL FINE I SWEAR. All is good under this hood.

So I’ve got school this week, I’ve got my doc appointment, I’ve got my academic advising appointment, and plenty of free time in the mean time so there will be plenty of logs headed your way (or my way, really).

I hope to make some good headway on my book because I really want to get cracking on something new! I can’t wait to see what lessons will find me this year.

Until tomorrow then!

Love always,


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