Day 14 – January 14th, 2019

Hello, hello!

I had a wonderful day today – I sat for a little while wondering what one does with a whole day filled with nothing, and then I started doing all the things! I did my eyebrows, a face mask, cleaned out my cupboard, organized my week and my morning/night routine, did some light housework and still managed to fit some episodes of Community in!

All in all, quite productive and restful. Tomorrow I have my doctor’s appointment (FINALLY) and on the bright side, my nodes aren’t hurting as much today!!! I was actually able to sleep through the night (and ended up having some seriously interesting and vivid dreams).

Speaking of these dreams – I was actually lucid dreaming to the point that I was so aware that I was in a dream that I started the people in my dream if THEY knew they were in MY dream. Some weird inception shit, I know!

But, I have a theory. I think I talked about this in one of my logs recently actually, but in regards to the Law of Attraction. My meditation – I’ve been meditating for the past two weeks now and I’ve been noticing some very distinct differences, just after two weeks!!! All the quick manifestations, the vivid lucid dreams – I’m also much calmer, happier and experience less anxiety and worry, which is ultimately what I wanted most.

It really does change things when consistently maintained. 21 days to build that habit but I’m excited for the 90 day point to see that difference.

Anyways, that’s all for today! I’ll write tomorrow after my doctor’s appointment… wish me luck?

Love always,


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