Day 25 – January 25th, 2019

Hello! So I’m currently at a coffee place somewhere close to work with Radha, and we’re doing work together and being productive! I actually had the urge to study today and I’m really glad that she agreed to it too. This is good for us, even though we’re currently a work in progress on some fronts, we can at least still encourage each other in beneficial ways.

I’m taking a quick study break to write out a quick log. Today was good! Work went by in a flash and it was a lot of fun – Sola and I had an impromptu selfie-photo shoot and then ended up listening to really sad music and I also sang for her, LMAO. Pretty much our friendship in a nutshell; we go from playful and laughing to deep talks real quick, depending on the mood.

Sera came by to visit and I was able to catch her for a few brief moments, which was really nice! She told me she had an incredible time on her trip and loved Hawaii, which made me really happy. I’m so glad she conquered her fears of flying solo and made the trek out there.

She told me how much she and Dylan loved my favourite place in Hawaii and how Dylan actually took her to that spot twice. She also happened to mention that Dylan bought me a gift while he was travelling.

So he does intend to hang out at some point in time, and bearing a gift no less. I’m sure it’s just in a friendly way and I look forward to when we do! That’s a really nice gesture on his behalf. I can’t help but wonder what it might be, in all honesty.

Continuing in that same vein of honesty, I’m not really sure what I feel about that. Admittedly when Sera told me that, my stomach flipped a little bit. Maybe I need some closure? I never really did get any last year per se – I remember writing one last log full of tons of questions about why he never felt the same way as I did, but then I met Adrian and walked right into that with no holds barred. Maybe that’s why these things are happening as they are. We’ll see what’s to be.

Anyways, I should probably get back to studying! I really wanted to get a head start today because Adrian asked me to come with him to his gym tomorrow so that we can take advantage of the pool, the hot tub and the infrared sauna that he has access to there. I can’t wait! I honestly love that he plans little dates like these – they range from staying in and being cozy to going out all dressed up to activity stuff for us to do together. It’s never a dull moment with him and I appreciate so much that he plans things for us to do as equally (if not moreso) as I do.

That’s about it! I’m just going to keep going with the flow and see where it takes me.

Love always and in every way,


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