Day 33 – February 2nd, 2019

Oh man, I know these logs are gonna seem like a blur to me since I keep writing them so lately and so briefly, but still it’s good to know that no matter what I’m keeping up with writing them.

Today was so much fun!! Adrian and I had a double date with Leila and Cory (and I think this may have been our first double date ever aside from hanging out with Radha and her current guy at the time, when Adrian and I first started seeing each other).

It was so chill and good, and I’m really happy Adrian gets along well with Leila and Cory and enjoys their company too!!

We ended up splitting ways after dinner, so Adrian and I decided to go catch a movie afterwards since it was still early. We spontaneously even grabbed a bottle and smoked a joint beforehand just because we’re slightly wild hehe. It was such a good movie though, holy crap.

Anyways, I’ve got an 8 hour shift tomorrow (for the first time in a while!) so I should probably get some shut-eye. Reminder though: don’t forget to talk about running into those people at the LCBO that Adrian knew and the conversation that happened during! Interesting stuff.

Until tomorrow!

Love always,


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