Day 247 to 260 – September 4th to September 17th, 2019

Hello! I don’t have much time to write this log, but I do want to write up a little something quick seeing as I haven’t written at all this month.

It’s been a super busy month. It’s officially Christmas season, which means I’m taking on a bit more hours and a bit more responsibility. I’m not complaining though because I like that I’m keeping so busy and I’m doing well it. One thing I do rue is the fact that I haven’t had any time whatsoever to get my petition together unfortunately. But, I have been working out pretty consistently and I can feel it in my body, which makes me happy. I know my meditation needs some work, but I think I need to find what technique works best for me so I have something to work towards (as go-with-the-flow as possible though, I’m not trying to force anything when it comes to meditating).

I feel like I don’t have a lot of time lately because of how much work I’ve taken on and how many commitments I’ve got going (mostly just plans with everyone from the work girls to my friends to Adrian). Between my social life and my work life, I haven’t had too much time for me (other than finding time to work out here and there and some evenings to myself, which feel rare).

And with that, I must bid this adieu! I have to get ready for work. Tonight after work I’m going to come home and hopefully finish this before I head off to the gym to get in a sesh.

Be back soon!

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