Day 2 – January 2nd, 2020

I’m so used to typing 201_ , it’s so strange to be adding a 2 there instead of the 1! 2020. We are two days in and life is pretty swell! I went back to work today, and of course, I’ve manifested exactly what I needed already. Hours got cut today and while it could be worrisome to someone with less faith, I know I got exactly as much as I needed, no more no less. Whatever else I need, the Universe will have my back.

I have soooooooo much free time this month! Wow, I’m honestly so excited to start implementing my new goals and plans. I can get started on my book again, finish my petition and submit it, and just get more generally organized I suppose. Start a budgeting plan, maybe start working out again! That would be amazing. So, let’s do it! January is going to be a fantastic month, just like every other month of this year.

Writing a log on days like this when I have work or work and plans after will be tricky. I think those days are the days I fall off my wagon. But I just have to be vigilant and disciplined and make time where I can in order to reinforce this habit that I need and want in my life.

Anyways, short quick log for tonight! I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow and a great weekend in store! I’m hanging out with Adrian, I think we’re planning on organizing our trip for February so I’m excited. My first trip of the year, the first of four (or more if I’m lucky!)

Until tomorrow then!

Love always,


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