Day 317 to 338 – November 13th to December 4th, 2019

Hello! I just finished a round of eight shifts in a row and here I am, smack dab in the middle of Christmas season already. Not to mention, this is the last month of the year! The last month of the DECADE – next year is 2020. TWENTY TWENTY!!! Unreal.

I got a little bit of a cold (probably a combination of having about 80% of the people around me being sick but also working as much as I have been), but I think I got a pretty good handle on it and it won’t be getting any worse. I had a day off and a bit of respite from the longer shifts just in the nick of time, phew. Which is great, because honestly I am in full-on grind mode. I want the shifts, I want the hours, I want to work as much as I humanly can this month before the new year begins and the hours get cut.

And you know, it hasn’t been too hard. I haven’t been as tired as I thought I would be, and I still feel like I’ve had enough time to do things for myself as well. Right now work is priority number one (which I know it shouldn’t be), but come January, come the NEW YEAR, everything is going to be different.

Anyways! I have so much to catch up on – Adrian’s birthday just passed, along with our anniversary, and we just went to the Caamp concert last night!

After the catch up, I shall catch up with me. It’s been a long while since I have.

Onto Adrian’s birthday!

So we ended up going to Buffalo rather spontaneously – not just to shop, but to have dinner at one of his favourite BBQ places that he’s always gone to for years called Smoky Bones. We left in the evening after we both finished work and road-tripped across the border to spend the night there. This was my first time crossing the border without my family (namely my parents LOL) so I was little bit nervous, but everything went super smoothly.

Dinner was absolutely delicious and I can see why he loves that place – it tasted exactly like Ribfest, lord almighty. I’m glad we have such similar tastes in food (hehe, punny).

Just like last year, I was the person who was with him when the 19th turned into the 20th, his birthday. It was so nice to be able to spend those moments with him – we watched the Office all cuddled up together, and when midnight came around I excitedly gave him his gifts.

I started with the card where I wrote a nice long birthday message, signed off with “P.S. I hope your birthday is absolutely “magic” this year…” which was a perfect segue into giving him the Raptor’s vs. Magic tickets, hehehehe.

He was so, so happy, but that wasn’t all – I told him to keep looking in the bag, and he pulled out the Raptor’s bomber jacket I got him with the Championship logo on it and he was SHOOK. I’m honestly so glad I get to spoil him like this because he honestly deserves it. There was also a bag of his favourite Lindor chocolates as well, and that was it for my little surprises. (Or so he thought, muahaha).

The next day, we went for breakfast at IHOP (yummy) and then did a crap ton of shopping at Trader Joe’s for all sorts of stuff that we don’t have here. Trader Joe’s is honestly such a treasure – I got organic shampoo and conditioner, along with some delicious teas like Moroccan mint and Winter Spice.

After that, we got some chicken sandwiches at Popeye’s (another commodity we don’t have here), and then headed back out on the road to head home for the game. We got stuck in traffic, but it led to some very interesting road-trip talks that allowed us to get to know one another a little deeper. It was actually quite cute; we talked about old high school days, what we were each like, old stories from those days, and so much more.

Alright well, I didn’t get too far with this because of how distracted I got, heh. But on the bright side – I just got replenished in my ADHD medication! Which I can start as soon as I get over this cold. I can’t wait to get a little normalcy back in my life and be able to focus better.

I’m going to try to continue once I’m back from work tonight. I have to get to work a little early, so I’m off to get ready! Be right back!

Back! For a short while anyways, until my cold medication kicks in.

So, onto the game! We headed back from Buffalo to my house to kill time until the game, and my mom and dad picked up a little birthday cake for him as a surprise, which was super sweet. Secretly, I was waiting for the ticket upgrades to be released – originally, I had bought tickets in the upper bowl level, but I thought it’d be a nice gift to him to sit in the lower bowl area closer to the court. I’d never experienced that before, and I thought it’d be a nice surprise. Once the moment hit right before we left, I quickly upgraded the tickets so that we were sitting in the 100’s instead. So ultimately, I did get to surprise him in some way in the end.

I was bursting with excitement; I could barely hold it in as we drove over. Once we parked and made our way into the center, he started looking for an escalator for us to make our way up the upper bowl. But I diverted him towards our new section, and he was so confused LOL. Once we got to our section, I stopped, looked at him and went, “we’re here!” 

His face, LMAO. The first thing he asked me was, “what did you do?!?!?” but once we walked into the lower bowl towards our seats, his look changed to one of pure shock and awe, which made my heart so incredibly happy. Once we took our seats, we both just sat there staring at the court because neither of us had ever sat that close before. There were even servers asking us what we would like to order to have directly delivered to our seats! It was wild, but also super fun to be kind of bougie for once, hehe. 

He was so happy, and said that this was one of the best birthdays he’s ever had. And I’m so glad; it was honestly so worth every single penny I spent on that upgrade. I even caught myself thinking how nice of an experience this was for myself, seeing as I’ve never experienced anything like that. I was grateful to be able to pull off something like that for the both of us. In the end, it’s the experiences that count the most and not the money that comes and goes. 

Anyways, it ended up being a super fun game to watch, and at the end of the night we went over to his brother’s place for some drinks and some cake. It was the perfect day, and I hope I made his birthday equally as wonderful as he made mine. 

Fast forward to our anniversary now: he’d asked me earlier on in the week what I’d like to do for our anniversary, whether I wanted to go for dinner or not. Honestly, I was perfectly happy just spending the night in with him, building a gingerbread house. Even then, he managed to make the night so incredibly special and I know for a fact I’ve found the right guy for me. 

When he picked me up after work, I opened the passenger side door to get in and found a bottle of red wine, my favourite chocolates and a hand-written note waiting for me in the seat. (SO. ROMANTIC. I CAN’T.) The note was very similar to my own hand-written letter I’d written for him. But my favourite part in the letter was where he wrote, “to many more years, and many more adventures.” MANY MORE YEARS! YAYAYAYYA. 

Once we got to his place, he told me he had a surprise waiting for me but that there was a bit of fine print attached to it. Curious, I sat down in his room and waited for him to retrieve said surprise. The fine print was, was that if I accepted my anniversary gift from him, then I had to accept my Christmas gift as well. This was perfectly fine with me, so I agreed.

The first gift I opened was the new Pokémon game, Pokémon Sword. Earlier that month, we’d been lightly talking about the new games and which of the two we’d get if we had to choose, and I chose Sword. Except, these games were meant for the latest game console out at the moment, the Nintendo Switch. I looked up at him in pure shock, because beneath this first gift was the second, and the second was a rather large box… 

In pure excitement, I ripped off the wrapping paper with no time to spare. THIS. GUY. GOT. ME. A. NINTENDO. SWITCH. LMFAO. 

I honestly had no words. It was (and is) such an extravagant gift. I’m used to spoiling people, in fact I thoroughly enjoy doing so, but I’m not quite so used to having it returned to me in such flair. I thanked him profusely and told him this was such a wonderfully thoughtful and massive gift to me. (And it really is, these things aren’t cheap damn). 

The funny thing is, the main reason I’d personally prompted those conversations earlier in the month was because I myself was also considering getting him the exact same gift – a Nintendo Switch and a new game. It’s still not off the table in all honesty – come Christmas, he may very well be getting one too because I know how much he loves to game, like me. So, we really do spoil each other. 

The thing that matters most to me is that we don’t just spoil each other materialistically though; we spoil each other in our affection for one another, how each of us equally plans outings and time spent with one another, we spoil each other in our love for one another and how much each of us is immediately ready to give, no holds barred. How honest we are with each other about how we feel. That’s what makes me most happy about how giving each of us are. We’re generous in all ways possible. 

I’ve never dated another “giver” such as myself before. It’s… liberating. It’s magic. Again, I’m not talking in the physical materialistic sense (as grateful as I am, of course). In all those other ways. I’ve always felt like I gave freely but never received equally in turn. I was left begging for affection, attention, consideration, and ultimately, love. But here, in this safe little house I’ve built with this wonderful person, I have everything I need and I never have to ask. He just knows. 

Anyways, the rest of our anniversary night went so well: he read the letter that I wrote him, and he loved my “house” metaphor. He agreed that we’ve built a good one. We drank wine, cuddled, and built up our gingerbread house together. We watched the Office, we dashed out for some quick Chinese takeout, and I played some Pokémon while he watched. All in all, it was the perfect one-year anniversary, perfectly us. And I so look forward to every anniversary to follow. 

My heart is happy. We recently had a really deep conversation about the nature of life, dreams, and settling. I told him that every time I think about settling in life, I think about how if I had settled in my relationships, I never would have met him. And he feels the same way. He and our relationship with one another is one of the main reasons that I know that life can be exactly what I want it to be. 

Well, that’s about it for the catch-up! Ah yes, the Caamp concert. AMAZING. AMAAAAAZING! They were so, so good live. When they performed Strawberries with their featured violinist, I actually cried. It was so incredibly beautiful, and I can’t stop replaying it in my head now. It was the perfect end to this year. 

Speaking of the end of this year… wow. 2019 is speeding towards its close, and what a years its been. There’s still some time left so I won’t recap, but wow. Wow. Definitely a tougher year. But you know, it’s all for a reason. Everything always is. 

It’s getting late now, so I shall hit the hay. But, maybe I’ll be back tomorrow to write a proper catch-up log about myself and how things are going and what I’m looking forwards to in regards to this month, and the new year. 

Until then! 

Love always, 


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