Day 7 – January 7th, 2020

Ho. ly. SHIT.

Mind-boggling absolutely transforming alchemical magical day today with Radha. I don’t even know where to begin. Holy crap.

We were so present in every single moment that it felt like we spent a week of time together just talking and exchanging energy and manifesting incredible occurrences that we both needed.

We challenged each other, supported each other, started off our morning by dancing around, went crystal shopping together and found the exact pieces we needed in our lives, read tarot cards and pulled oracle cards to receive messages from the Universe and I am LIVINGGGGG for this stuff. I don’t really have anyone in my life that I can really be super super spiritual with aside from Krystal and sometimes Chad (like talking about astral projection, the 5D, light bodies, star seeds, crystals, you name it) but Radha is right there with me and I’m right there with her. I know we would sound absolutely insane or very hippie-dippy to anyone else but this is what propels us forward into our consciousness and into being constantly present-moment aware.

And I manifested something HUGE today with her help! Like, HUGE. I even ran out of my house down the street barefoot screaming at the top of my lungs because I was that grateful and that in awe of the sheer magnitude of the way these circumstances unfolded.

While Radha and I were hanging out today, I got a call from my rep that the invoices I had sent in for all the demos and myself did not go through to head office, and as a result they did not get processed and a whole bunch of people (including me) would not be paid this Friday. She also said there was nothing that could be done, since a whole new budgeting year had begun as of today, and the deadline for last year had been yesterday at 1 pm.

First, I felt awful. I felt so guilty for being the reason that people wouldn’t get paid this Friday, especially when a lot the people on our team depend on this job as their sole source of income. Second, I felt so bad for not double-checking the email right after I’d sent it to make sure that all the invoices I’d scanned had gone through. But let’s not dwell on that.

I thought about my new-found faith. What was I to do? Was I to leave it all up to the Universe, surrender, do nothing and hope for the best? Was I meant to act in some form or way without attempting to “manic manifest” or control the outcome by reacting frantically? I even got to a denial point that Radha immediately called me out for – I started saying I would be fine if this money didn’t come in because I was doing “okay” financially at the moment.

But she helped me see that I don’t just want to settle for “okay”. I’m so appreciate of my “okay” and where I am right now, but she made me see that it’s more than okay to want more. It was more than okay for me to want that paycheque deposited in my bank account this Friday despite everything I’d been told. But I was scared. I was scared to want more out of fear that that want would be born out of desperation and what I wanted wouldn’t manifest.

So we went to the crystal store and I got my mind off things while deciding to leave it to the Universe for the time being. Something told me that I would know exactly what I was meant to do, and when I was meant to do it.

We found wonderful crystals to add to each of our collections, and Radha picked up an oracle deck inspired by the writings of Rumi.

On our way back, I was feeling so much better and uplifted, and I decided to give the head of HR a call. I’d tried earlier when I was in a more worried state and reached reception. There was one point where my call didn’t even go through before! But this time, in the car, my call went straight through to her. Before I called her though, I said to myself in my head clearly: “Universe, I want that paycheque in my bank account on Friday. I’m not afraid to ask for this. I want to manifest this. Let it be known, let it be done.”

On the phone with her, I humbly acknowledged that this whole situation was my fault entirely, and I asked her that if there was anything that could be done, anything at all, even the slightest bit would help. She admitted that the finance team in head office may have been able to manually create cheques for certain people (people with 20+ hours who needed the pay by this Friday, such as myself) even though that was no longer protocol.

She said she would get back to me if the team was willing to engage in this process, and if they were, the cheques probably wouldn’t be ready until sometime next week and we’d all have to physically come into head office in order to pick them up as opposed to having them automatically deposited into our accounts as they usually are. But I was so happy for even the slightest possibility that we could still get paid without having to wait until the next pay period at the end of the month, I thanked her profusely and told her anything would help, and that I was looking forward to hearing from her as soon as she knew.

Eventually, Radha and I got home and we were looking up the meanings of our new crystals when her new friend called, yet another spiritually charged being that I’m so excited to meet one day. They call each other every day to establish and reinforce their abundance mindset, and I felt so inspired by their conversation and her sheer pure energy that I could even feel through her voice on the phone.


I received a text from Maria at that exact moment, but I didn’t check it until after our conversation with Radha’s friend was done. When I checked, Maria had texted: “Hi Stephanie… you’re all getting paid.

I immediately called Maria and asked her how she knew that, and it turns out our rep called the head of HR shortly after I did and ironed everything out. I asked Maria if we would have to physically go in to pick up our cheques as mentioned we may have had to do, and Maria said no, that it should definitely be in our bank accounts come this Friday.

When I got off the phone with Maria, I sat there in shock and let the realization of what just happened wash over me. It happened. What I envisioned, what I wanted to manifest… it. happened.

I started screaming at the top of my lungs, ran out of my living room, down the stairs, out the door, and pelted down the street, barefoot, waving my arms over my head, continuously yelling with literally no cares as to who heard me or saw me. I was so elated, so excited, so in awe, SO GRATEFUL! I couldn’t believe it.

When I came back in the house, I sat down and put my head in my hands. It was pure magic. Magic! I had faith, I held onto my faith in the face of my fear and worry, I put aside reacting and decided to trust in this process and knew that this was a test, somewhere deep in my soul. And as a result, the Universe had my back. The Universe heard me and inspired me and gently nudged me when it was time for me to do my part. I knew when to act, and I knew when to let things be.

What a day man. It’s been nothing short of pure magic, and I’m so glad that me and Radha’s combined energy creates this amazing energetic field where literally anything is possible. I’m so happy she can teach me to see things differently, and that I can teach her what I know too.

Anyways, that’s all for today! Tomorrow, I’m hanging out with Adrian after work – he made us reservations for a really cool Japanese restaurant that is similar to KBBQ and I’m so excited. Not just for the food, but to see him. I still get excited butterflies and even though it’s only been a couple days, I miss him and want to be with him hehe.

Until tomorrow!

Love always and infinitely,


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