Days 10 to 14 – January 10th to 14th, 2020

First slip of the year so far! But it’s okay. I’ve been doing pretty well for the most part. I spent this past weekend with Adrian and then went right into work, but honestly I could have found the time to write. BUT (yet again) I think I may have done something to remedy that…

But, (last one), I’m getting ahead of myself here.

I have so much to catch up on! Adrian and I did shrooms this weekend and it was quite the experience. I finally felt it was time to get back onto the shrooms train and I’m glad I did! So many realizations to be had, so many deep conversations.

Radha also hit a bit of a wall which I’d like to talk about, but I want to do all of this on my brand new notebook laptop which is soon to come!!!

I don’t want to continue writing these logs on my phone because I get way too easily distracted by all the other things on it, and I also end up forgetting to write as a whole. I’m hoping that getting this notebook will help me solidify this habit, since I’ll be able to bring it around with me. Better yet…

…it’s about time for me to begin writing my book. That’s the main reason I got this notebook. I want to take whatever moment I can to write, when I can, wherever I can. That means on breaks, or after work, or whenever inspiration strikes. And this notebook came to me with the seal of approval from the universe (asked for a sign, and I received 3 versions of that sign in particular) so it’s definitely meant to be. I can’t wait!

Anyways, I want to save all that detailed stuff for when it comes in. It shouldn’t be too long I believe. In the meanwhile, I’m going to keep conversing and working with the universe to follow my path and do what I must to manifest my deepest dreams.

I’ll be writing again soon, and hopefully it’ll be on that notebook!

Love always and immensely,


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