Day 39 – February 8th, 2020

Man, having this BB laptop really does help me to keep up with my logs. It’s so easy to travel with, and since I have it on me, it’s like having  physical reminder to write (“I may as well since I can” is the thought mentality that it leaves me with) so this is great! 

I have named it BB :3. Or “bebe” I guess. BB Laptop. I love it so. 

So I’m just in the midst of a work shift and it’s going well – there’s a DJ so the music is bumping, and everyone’s in a good mood so that’s nice.

This weekend has been really nice – I like that my Friday nights with Adrian consist of a little routine now. We play Mario Kart, get stoned, usually order food and then binge the Simpsons LOL. (It used to be the Office but we’ve officially finished that, sad sad). This has become our winter routine though, since it’s too cold to really do anything outside. Summer time, we usually have a pretty good balance between going out and doing things versus being indoor cats. 

I’m so glad he’s an indoor cat like me though. We’re like extroverted introverts? Like we’re both really sociable people and get along well with others really easily and usually don’t mind crowds, but we also both have the same tolerance level for being out and usually easily mutually agree on the moment we’d like to extricate ourselves from a social situation or outing. Very symbiotic. 

If that ain’t what a soul mate is, I don’t know man LMAO. 

I appreciate us. I can’t believe that come Valentine’s Day, it’ll be one year since we said “I love you”. Of course it was on Valentine’s Day, as if we can get more cheesy than that hehehe. I think he suggested us going out for Valentine’s Day but honestly it’s so expensive and commercialized that day, I’d be just as happy staying in (no surprise there LOL) and watching movies. 

I’m planning on bringing a cheesy tumblr post to life by giving him a box of chocolates… except not filled with chocolate, filled with another “substance” that we particularly enjoy of the green, herb-y kind. (For a girl who’s never had tumblr, I sure do bring alot of those tumblr ideas to life man). 

‘Tis a cute lil’ romantic gesture that I know he’ll love and appreciate. Not to mention, I get to partake in it too! And that’s how you get two birds stoned at once, as he so likes to say. (In lieu of killing two birds with one stone). 

Anyways, this was more of a ramble log if anything, but I do promise to write a proper catch-up log about myself and how I’ve been doing soon. I have thoughts I need to discuss! My thoughts on manifestation, how my work with faith is going, being more aware of synchronicities and signs, trying to slow down and have more time. I have to get things a little more in order this week, for sure, and touch base with myself. 

Until tomorrow then!

Love always and in every way, 


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