Day 42 – February 11th, 2020

Hello there! Well, that was quite the addendum LOL. I even proceeded to go on twitter and vent in the same vein, albeit with less swearing heh. 

It’s definitely mostly due to the upsurge of PMS hormones for sure. In fact, I ended up crying today because Adrian sent me the loveliest messages saying he loves loves loves my blue hair and that it reminds him of the sea in Aruba and that he thinks it’s sexy. I love him so much honestly, omg. He’s so incredibly sweet and such a good boyfriend. 

I hate getting my period. I go from being a relatively level-headed sensitive baby to an all-out cry-for-everything rage-against-the-machine sensitive baby. Le sigh. 

I’m going to keep this short today because I’m actually headed to Vape Lounge to sesh with some folks! 

I am glad that I vented here last night though, and even on Twitter. I woke up this morning feeling more refreshed and centered. I spent today watching Youtube videos of the Pussy Cat Dolls and then I was inspired to look up zumba instructional videos in order to work out AND attempt to dance like them, LMAO. I mean, I had the house to myself so I figured if I was going to work out, I may as well have had fun with it. And I did!

The endorphin rush that comes with working out is so nice. I really do need to get back into that. Even if it is just instructional Youtube videos for a half hour here and there. It’s a start. 

Anyways, that’s it for today I guess! I’ll definitely find some time to write tomorrow. 

Lesson of the day: I’m only human and I have my limits too. And it’s due to those limits that it’s imperative for me to set my boundaries. Setting boundaries and teaching people how they can or cannot speak to you is a form of self-love as well. People can get away with saying what they want to me if I allow them to do so. It’s up to me to make sure that the people around me know what level of respect I expect. 

Love always, 


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