Day 44, 45, 46 – February 13th to 15th, 2020

Hello! Things got a little busy with work before the long weekend so I didn’t get a chance to write, but I now have some free time while I’m waiting for all my friends to come over so I shall bang out a log. 

Tonight I’m hosting a good vibes buds n’ brushes DIY paint night – instead of going out and spending money and having a wine paint night, I’ve turned my dining room into a lounge-y area with meditation cushions for comfort (and for a “moroccan feel” hehe), I have my own paints and canvases, tons of snacks, and we’re going to smoke instead of drink! Well, there’s wine too just in case for those who may not smoke. It’s going to be a good night and I’m so excited! I’ve cleansed the space with my bundle of cedar, I have all my crystals out, there’s some “grounding” incense currently burning, along with some “spa spirit” essential oil in my diffuser. It smells and FEELS wonderful in this space and I hope it elevates everyone else’s spirit too. 

I meditated before I cleansed the space too, so I feel good and ready. But now, it’s time to cleanse my heart and soul by ridding myself of all the thoughts and emotions that have been circulating around in my head. 

But first – I must catch up about how Valentine’s Day was for Adrian and I because oh my lord, I want to look back at these memories when we’re married and old and have babies and grandbabies, which we most definitely will. 

So he planned a romantic dinner for us – he’d made reservations at this “fine-dining” steak place called “The School”, which was so incredibly sweet of him. I honestly had had half a mind to say that I wouldn’t have minded staying in, but we don’t go out like that often and splurge and I didn’t want to dishearten him or negate his kind gesture by saying so. I have to learn to accept being spoiled once in a while too instead of feeling guilty. 

I dressed up really nicely for him during the day, and then headed over to his area where he was picking me up after he finished work. When I opened the car door, just like on our anniversary day the front seat had gifts waiting there for me (I LOVE HOW ROMANTIC HE IS AHHHHH!). It was a box of some of my favourite chocolates, and a bottle of my favourite moscato Bartenura (the same wine he’d coincidentally bought me on our second date without even knowing it was my favourite). 

I opened the box of chocolates at one point just to eat one as we were on our way to dinner, and to my surprise there was a handwritten note inside for me! I asked him if I could read it now or if I should wait and he said I could read it now, so I did. But of course, I immediately started crying (thank god for heavy-duty setting spray or my whole face would have came off) because it was so incredibly sweet and meaningful and I’m going to write it here so I never forget:

“From the moment I saw your photo – I had to meet you. When I met you, I had to take you on a date. From the moment I took you on a date, I had to be your boyfriend. When I became your boyfriend, I had to tell you I loved you. 

And when I told you I loved you… The Universe fell into place. 

The magic you hold and the love you show me make my every day extraordinary. 

You’re one of a kind and the joy in my life. 

365 days later, and my feelings for you are 100x stronger. 

I cherish you and I love you. 

You are my soup snake. 🙂

Love always,

Oh man the soup snake part had me BAWLING LMAO. He really is my soulmate. I’m over the moon that he feels that way too. 

I eventually managed to compose myself and I told him how much I loved him and the sweet, thoughtful gifts. This was our second Valentine’s Day together and one whole year later, our love for each other has only grown stronger and our affection for one another, our gestures, remain the same if not even more so thoughtful now. 

We eventually got to the restaurant, but we were ten minutes early for dinner so I told him to open his gift from me. (It was a heart-shaped box of Lindor chocolates which is his favourite, but I actually took out half the chocolates and filled the empty spots with 14 grams of herb hehehe). When he opened it, his eyes widened and he quite literally yelled, “WHAAAT!? THAT’S LITTTTTT!!!”, which immediately made me burst into laughter. 

And then he looked at me and said, “this is amazing! That’s it. That’s it! I’m-” and he paused. Quite innocuously it seems but, it’s almost as if he was juuuuust about to say, “that’s it! I’m marrying you.” or something along those lines. (Perhaps that’s just my hopeful wishful heart filling in the blanks). 

He thanked me profusely and said I knew him so well. Oh, before he opened his gift, he opened my card to him! It was a card with otters on it (his favourite animal) which said, “Happy Valentine’s Day to my significant otter.” (SO PERFECT LMAO). 

And I wrote him a lovely message too which I’m also going to write down here so that I can find again if I never need it: 

“Dear Adrian, 

Happy Valentine’s Day my love!
I can’t believe that it’s exactly one year ago today that we’ve said those three little words. Fitting though, seeing how cheesy we are (which I LOVE). 

We’ve said it so many times since then, in many different moments: in the morning, when we wake up together, in your car when we stop at a red light and look at each other. On all of our wonderful trips, in those breathtaking moments of adventure and underneath a blazing sun amidst turquoise waters. 

No matter the moment though, there hasn’t been one where I’ve ever meant those words any less. In fact, with every single one of those times, my love for you has only grown – and I know that with every moment that we’re given, it will continue to. 

I’m thankful, each and every day, that I met you and that you’re in my life. I’m thankful that through you and because of you, I know what it’s like to be loved – REALLY loved. For who I am and all that I am.

I hope that I make you feel this way too.
I hope you know just how much I appreciate you and how deeply I love you – not just today, but every day. 

You fill my life with so much light, so much laughter, affection, love, wisdom, growth, support and encouragement. You mean the world to me. You are so incredibly special. I couldn’t be any luckier to have you as my Valentine, and I hope I continue to be lucky for many more to come. Thank you for being the most wonderful, amazing, loving “significant otter” a girl could as for. I love you so much. 

Love always,

Me. Xoxo”

I had to stop like five times while writing that card because I started crying after every paragraph LMFAO. I’m such a baby (but also a hormonal baby, thanks period). 

Anyways! Dinner was absolutely lovely – it really was such a swanky high-class place, it was nice to be bougie for a leetle, hehe. We had prosciutto wrapped mozzarella and a greek salad to start, and red wine with filet mignon medallions cooked medium rare, alongside fresh vegetables and mashed potatoes. The steak though, *drool*. It was tender, juicy, and felt like butter when I sliced my knife through it. 

He’s such a gentleman. I loved that while there were other couples around us on their phones, he and I were holding hands across the table and completely focused on one another, and enjoying each other’s company. Le sigh.

After dinner, we stopped by McDonald’s for a chocolate shake and some apple pies (that’s more like us LOL) as dessert, and then headed home to watch Love, Actually (one of my favourite romantic movies). 

All in all, it was a wonderful, romantic, love-filled Valentine’s Day, but I’m so happy that it felt like just another day because we treat each other with that much love and appreciation and little gestures on a daily basis throughout our relationship. 

Thank you Universe. My lesson for today: cherish the people in your life. Cherish the connections that feed your soul, your heart, your mind. Appreciate those connections each and every day, and not just on the days you’re told to. Do not allow anything less than that and never settle. 

Love always,


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