Day 60, 61, 62 – February 29th, March 1st + 2nd, 2020

Happy New Month! March already feels light and more hopeful than these past two months have felt. 

I kept running out of time for my last two logs unfortunately, and I’ll probably do the same for this one as well, but I can’t let these many days go by without writing. It’s important that I do this, even if it’s a little log, in order to keep reinforcing the urge to write as a habit. 

I’m going to have tomorrow off by a stroke of fate and thanks to the Universe, and I have the whole day to myself. I’m excited, because I’ll actually have a proper chance to write and get some other things done. I’ll be up early too because I’m spending tonight with Adrian, and then I’ll be heading home early in the morning. I think I’ll make a schedule for the day as soon as I get home so I don’t end up wasting my time throughout the day. I had plenty of time to relax throughout this weekend, so no excuses. 

Anyways, I should probably head back to work now since my shift is actually ending some time soon. 

This month will be a good month. No matter what is happening outside of myself, I respect, appreciate, and have say over what happens within and how I react. 


Love always and endlessly, 


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