Day 64, 65, 66 – March 4th – 6th, 2020

Helloooooooooo there! It’s been a pretty eventful couple days but in good productive and progressive ways. I think now that I have been being a bit more mindful as of late, it’s reflecting into my external circumstances as well. I’ve been listening to affirmations as I fall asleep to reprogram my mind unconsciously so that my unconscious mind will begin to equally reflect the wants of my conscious mind and eradicate any latent fears or thoughts of lack. So far, so good!

I was also propositioned with a situation that tested my inner-knowing in regards to what I’ve been trying to prioritize: another work shift became available for next week and I very well could have taken it. But that would have meant giving up my only day off during the week and also the one day I really have to myself to write, or work on my book, or hand in that Course Performance Summary. 

I went with my gut and decided not to do it, because I need at least one day a week to focus purely on me and me alone. If I don’t make myself a priority, no one else will. So I have to be aware of what I’m agreeing to and why. Money will come, it always does, and I always have more than enough of it. I’m always being taken care of and I know and believe this. 

Anyways, how have things been! I feel like I haven’t really had much time to update me about me lately. Life’s been good – I really am striving to get back into absolute alignment with myself the way I’ve experienced it once before, and I’m getting there slowly but surely. But honestly though, life’s been wonderful. Alignment or not, I’m happy. I’m happy with myself, my self-awareness, my resiliency and the fact that my faith doesn’t quit no matter what (and neither do I). I’m beyond happy with my friendships, my relationships, and I’m even creating healthy boundaries with work! 

So, things are great. Despite everything that’s happening in the world, I wake up with hope and excitement and not fear, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that fact. I wake up looking forward to all my day has to hold instead of worrying about what it’ll look like. I’m excited for life and that hasn’t diminished in the face of everything that has been going on. I’m so glad that I had that talk with myself when this virus first started circulating because now, it’s only a matter of fact. I can keep myself informed and ready without fearing the worst. 

So much to look forward to this month! It’s Spring, and the social calendar is already popping for every weekend – tomorrow is Chad’s big birthday bash, next weekend is my cousin’s birthday house party, and the weekend after that is Adrian’s friend’s birthday as well. Finally! After a long winter, I’m ready to get out into the world and adventure around and be social again, hehe.

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