Day 70 – March 10th, 2020

Hello! Mercury retrograde is coming to an end today and the moon is moving into Libra so I am THRIVING and in my element. It’s a good day! The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, life is good. I’m happy! 

I just went out today after working and got a whole bunch of canvas, so I am looking forward to beginning a new piece. I think I’d like my first art work to be a painting of the chakras, somehow. I want to capture the light and energy of our innermost selves, the colourful rainbows that we are. And then, I’ll move onto something more detail oriented, like a landscape of some kind. 

Now that I’m actively trying to be more productive, I feel like I’m having so much more fun organizing my time. When I’m not working, I’m trying to get in my writing, I’m adding painting into my time, but one thing that I would like to get into most is writing my book. I know I will when I’m meant to though. I see cafes with patios and warm summer sun beaming down at my back as inspiration flows through my fingertips and into this bb laptop. 

Anyways, since I completed such a doozy of a log yesterday, I don’t have much to write about today! And it’s early, so what I’d like to do is maybe find some chakra inspiration pictures, I’d like to maybe start reading a new chapter from Seat of the Soul, and then I definitely want to unwind and game a little. Yeah, that sounds like the perfect evening. 

Ou, before I go! I just heard some news about Dylan. Luna called me into her house today, and she told me that Sera told her that Dylan has been having problems with his girlfriend. Apparently, she’s a heavy drinker (until the point that she passes out), and recently she went on a trip to Miami with her girls (which Dylan encouraged her to do), but before she left he did something he admitted to his mom that he shouldnt have done: he went through her instagram DM’s, and found a DM from a guy that said “hey honey am I going to get to see you before you leave?” 

Apparently, he didn’t confront her about it (as he did betray her trust by going through her phone), but spent the last few weeks agonizing over it, heart-broken. I feel really bad, because he’s told me he’s been cheated on before and I myself personally know how much that feeling hurts. It seems like he keeps falling into a pattern of picking a specific kind of girl, and I’m wondering if that pattern is revealing itself to him now. Whatever the case may be, I hope that he does find the right person for him, in time. It’s relationships like these that reveal very important lessons to you about who you are and what your needs might actually be when it comes to relationships. 

Maybe they can work things out! Who knows? I certainly don’t, seeing as we haven’t really spoken in depth since last April. It’s almost been a year since we hung out and properly caught up. Nevertheless, I do hope that he knows that he can reach out to me and I’ll always be there for him as a friend. 

On a more personal note – I did see him recently and honestly? Not even a pinch of feelings left, just a friendly warmth. I really am glad he came into my life when he did and taught me that good guys exist, but it clearly just wasn’t meant to be and I couldn’t be happier about that fact because it ultimately led me to finding the person for me. My soup snake, the love of my life, my wonderful, perfect person. 

Ou and speaking of my wonderful person: he’s looking into adopting another kitty baby!!!!!!! I’m helping him search for the perfect companion for his current furbaby, but oh my goodness is this ever fun. I’m so happy he loves animals as much as I do. It kind of lowkey feels like we’re parents, LOL. But clearly, he’d be a great dad in general. A little protective, but in all the best ways. He loves his kitty to death, and it’s quite literally the absolute most adorable thing in the world. 

Anyways, that’s about it for today! I’m going to listen to a podcast now and then start looking for inspo. 

Adios and love always! 


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