Day 81 to 84 – March 21st to 24th, 2020

Hello! I know it’s been a little while since I’ve written last, but it’s been a very eventful weekend and now I have plenty to catch up about. 

First off – we did not make it to the cottage, LOL. It’s a long harrowing story, but I’ll keep it rather brief as to not relive the horrors of that evening. 

Basically, we underestimated the amount of snow that was still up there, especially in that last winding trail in the woods. On that trail, the further you go, there is one last massive steep upwards hill before you finally make it to the trail of cottages. That hill, unfortunately, was our demise. 

There was a family on the trail that let us know that it might be tricky for us to get up to the cottage directly – in fact, that family tried to come through with a massive four-by-four pick-up truck and did not make it up the hill. Instead, they spun off and almost landed in the ditch on the other side of it. So, we heeded their warning (Adrian and I, since we made it before our parents) and tried to park off to the side near the bottom of the hill. 

Unfortunately for us, Adrian’s car got stuck in the deep amount of snow that was at the foot of that hill, and by the time my parents rolled around, it was now getting dark and starting to snow. We were starting to get a little panicked, especially since the temperatures were dropping and the only source of light we were going to have was the headlights of our cars. 

At this point, that family comes walking up behind us, and the wife in that family begins laying into us. “What’s wrong with you people!? I told you not to go up that hill and you didn’t listen! Now look at what you’ve done! Push that car! You can’t be stuck in this road! How are we supposed to get our truck by?! Have you never done this before!?” 

Throughout all of this, we’ve all gone silent with shock because a) we’re literally doing our best to get Adrian’s car out of the road, b) her incessant yelling wasn’t helping the situation in the slightest, and c) we’re legit in the middle of a goddamn worldwide pandemic and you’re still finding the time to be a complete and total… horrible person? (I’d say another word but I’m trying to be kind, LOL). 

So I start trying to calm her down, telling her that her yelling at us is not really helping and that we’re doing the best we can, apologizing for ending up in the situation in the first place and promising her that we’ll do our best to get out of the road so everyone has a clear path through the woods, but she’s not listening. In fact, she looks at her husband and goes, “you know what, maybe we should take a picture of their license plates in case they damage our car trying to get out of here.” 

Now, I know that there are a couple people in my family who don’t do well with rudeness and who have the capacity to go off if need be (i.e. my mom, Olivia, Adrian, and even Trevor if the situation calls for it) so I told the lady in my most sweetly sarcastic customer service voice, “well if you think that’s going to help this situation, by all means, please go right ahead.” Kill em’ with kindness, right? She kind of faltered after this because none of us were reacting to her anger with anger. It’s off-putting when you’re not receiving the reaction you’re trying to get.

Finally, her husband quietly convinces her to leave us alone and head up the hill to their cottage, and she gave in and went with her family while still complaining about us the whole way up. 

So by now, we’re all super overwhelmed and trying to hold it together, the snow is pouring down, and night has officially fallen. Our feet were all soaked through and numb from digging out Adrian’s car from the snow, and we’re too tired to carry all our stuff up that hill and walk towards Elizabeth’s cottage. Our new mission became to somehow turn around in that narrow road without falling into a ditch on either side, and get the hell home. 

First, my dad attempted it. It took about a 60-point turn with the utmost caution and patience in order to get him turned around without hitting their parked truck. We hit a tree I think, and almost fell into the ditch, but somehow we managed to get him turned back around and up the main road. 

Which left Adrian’s car. We suddenly saw two small headlights coming our way from down the hill, and it was the father and one of the three kids on the back of an ATV. I’m assuming they felt bad, because they came back and tried to help us out. They cleared out all the snow using their ATV, and with a little bit of their guidance we were able to get Adrian to turn around too. 

The kid offered to bring us up the hill two-by-two with all our stuff and that was super kind of him, and even his dad told us there was a spot down by the road where we could park and walk up. But, my mom had already fallen a couple times and not a single one of us had any energy or motivation left to get to the cottage anymore – all we wanted to do was go home. So we thanked them sincerely for their help, and I apologized once more, but I told them we were going to head home. The dad mentioned that his wife was just “wound up”, and I acknowledged that there was a lot happening right now so it made sense. And with that, we made our way home. 

So much for not going into detail, LMAO. But what a story eh? I ended up hyperventilating and having a panic attack once we were out of the woods, but Adrian encouraged me through it and I knew that it was just a build up of everything that’s been happening lately so I just saw it through as patiently and compassionately as I could. I knew it was meant to happen, and I felt so, so much better afterwards that I actually felt grateful to that horrid woman and the ordeal we just went through. 

My mom called Elizabeth, and she felt so bad and vowed to find out who the woman of that family was, LOL. But honestly, it doesn’t matter now. People are going to be who they are. She lost control of herself and reacted in anger, and in the face of that anger we remained as kind and patient as we could be. So, at the end of the day, none of it matters. I hope she finds peace, one way or another. We’ll be back to the cottage when we’re meant to go, and it’ll still be there when we need it. Elizabeth has now said we can go whenever we want, and as many times as we’d like, so I’m looking forward to that. 

And ultimately, we ended up having a wonderful weekend here at home! We cooked the meals like we planned to – Trevor and Olivia made the most amazing tacos with chicken, refried beans, cheese, and guacamole on fresh authentic soft tortilla, and Adrian and I made spaghetti and a bolognese sauce with tomato sauce from his family’s vault of homemade stuffs. We had a movie night, played board games, and pretended we were at the cottage anyways. We unplugged by not updating each other as much about the virus, and it honestly did feel like a little getaway as a result. 

So, all’s well that ends well. Now, it’s back to another regular week of quarantine. I just got back from Adrian’s, where I lazed away and rested, and now that I’m home I’m planning on finally starting my painting and getting back to my Zumba and guided meditation sessions with my family. It’s going to be a good week! 

Everything’s been pretty good so far. My group of work friends now want to have e-drinking sessions, and I have other e-sesh’s with my vape lounge crew. Meanwhile, I have plenty of time to spend with my family, and Adrian. I’ll be getting paid next week, and then after that I’ll be applying for EI. I’m sure the process won’t be smooth or easy, but it’s fine. I have faith. I know that I will be taken care of and given exactly what I need to get by for the next little while. 

Just taking things one day at a time! That’s all we can really do. I’m thankful – I don’t think I’ve ever been more present than this, especially since the best thing to do is take things one day at a time. So, here’s to today! And this moment, right here, right now.

Until my next log, 

Love and light always,


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