Day 85 – March 25th, 2020

Hello!! Today was a half lazy, half productive day. I cleaned out out my guinea pig’s cage thoroughly for a couple hours, and after that spent most of this day just chilling out, watching shows, or listening to old Community outtakes and panels while playing Draw Something on my phone, LOL. I just sat outside for a little bit contemplating my day, and I’m wondering if I’d benefit by starting to create a real quarantine schedule for myself. 

Like I know me, and I know that I need a little structure. I’ve been winging it these days and it’s been going fine, but I don’t want to succumb to complacency or laziness and lose out the idea of motivation completely. Before quarantine even began, I had all these plans and things I wanted to reintroduce into my life. Let me see if I can find that list. 

  • Painting. All week, I kept looking at my paintings and thinking about how badly I want to have some canvases so I could paint, and now I know it’s because of how easily I get in my flow when I’m painting. It brings about this wonderful stillness and makes me happy. 
  • Movement. My body is asking me to listen to it. It wants to come out of hibernation, it wants to move and thrive and live and run. Either I start working out again, or I do Zumba at home at least 3 times a week. How can I listen to my innermost self through my body if my body is sluggish and lethargic? Spring is just around the corner and it’s about time I get active again. 
  • Laughter. I need to do more things that make me laugh! Light-hearted comedy movies or going to an actual show or hanging out with my friends, I need more laughter and light in my life. 
  • Writing. My writing is my safe space, and it’s my easiest go-to method of bringing myself back into alignment. I don’t want to treat it like a chore because it really isn’t. Maybe what I can do is start writing affirmations down on my board every morning because that’s a little way to bring about a baseline of good feeling for my days. 
  • Food. This one is a little tricky because sometimes food can be abused (junk food, comfort eating etc.) but I truly do love food as an experience. Maybe I can use this particular experience to learn dedication in a good way – like little treats here and there to reaffirm good feelings rather than giving in every moment and losing appreciation for this sensation. 
  • Crystals, Incense, my spiritual stuff. I love, love my crystal collection. If I make a point to pick a different crystal every day and see what communicates with me, maybe I can make better use of the ones that I have. I know they’re in my life for a reason. 
  • Self-care. A long hot bath after a long day or a little pampering goes a long way with me. I love relaxing and taking time to myself and it’s been so long since I did those little things for me.
  • Reading!!!! Of course! How can I forget the one thing that helped me out so much throughout the year of 2017!? I need to find more feel-good reaffirming books that help me along my way. There’s nothing I love more than educating myself and learning and expanding my mind, and reading is a wonderful way to do that. 

Okay, let’s see. I have been meditating more frequently, so that’s good. I bought some oracle cards to get more in touch with my spiritual side, which I’m very much looking forward to doing. I can’t travel anymore, but I do hope there will be more road trips this summer in lieu of actually travelling. 

I think it’s time to get started on the painting, the reading, and writing more of my book. My book is a little more tricky because these days it’s a little harder to get in flow with everything that is going on. But as the weather gets warmer, maybe I can draw a little more inspiration from being outside on my patio. Also, starting to paint and read should help ease any creative blocks I may have developed. 

I guess I’m still adjusting to this sudden massive influx of having literally endless free time and no structure or schedule whatsoever. It’s kind of like going to university after leaving high school – no one is chasing after you making sure you’re going to classes, and you’re pretty much completely responsible for yourself. 

Alright, it’s decided! More time for self-care, growth, and some structure will do me some good. Tomorrow I’m planning on leading another Zumba session with my family alongside a guided meditation, and I promise myself that tomorrow I will begin my painting. 

I guess that’s all for tonight! I’ll write a more in-depth log tomorrow. 

Love and infinite light,


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