Day 118 – April 27th, 2020

Hello! I woke up this morning early for the first time in a while, and I feel super refreshed! Amazing what a little time away in nature can do for you. I also feel super excited and motivated! I’m looking forward to getting myself organized today after I write this log. We also have a set time tonight to group-chat with all the cousins. We missed Easter weekend, which is usually the weekend where we’re all reunited with each other and we end up doing some spontaneous shenanigans, so I thought it would be nice to hold a conference call and catch up. So that’s what’s in store for me today. 

Now, it’s time to ~organize~ everything. I want to categorize all the projects or hobbies I’d like to do, how I’d like to designate my time to them, and where. I think what I’ll do is get a notebook and create a Venn diagram to visualize better. I’ve always been a more visual learner. I also want to get an agenda so I can start organizing my days better and keep track of what day it is LOL. 

I guess that’s about it for today! After I finish this log, I’m going to draw the Venn diagram, figure out which projects I’d like to begin + see through, order an agenda, and then pick a new book to read and get a new book list going. Huzzah!

I’ll write tomorrow for sure, even if it’s a short log. Time to get this habit up and going again! 

Love always and light to all, 


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