Day 119 – April 28th, 2020

Hello, hello! Another day of quarantine yet again, but life is good. So after my log yesterday, I did indeed organize all the tasks I’d like to take on or projects I’d like to complete, and where/when/how I can do them. I’m ready to go! I’ve also picked some books to read – yesterday, I got through the book “He’s Just Not That Into You”, which was made into a movie (that I watched recently). It’s pithy, dry but also sincere at the same time. It was also written by two people who actually wrote for the show Sex and the City, which I’m currently watching, so I figured it was a fitting read. 

It was a quick book though, so now I have begun reading Shonda Rhimes’ book “A Year of Yes”, and I love it so far! I love her writing style – it’s like she directly writes her stream of thought onto pages, so it’s almost as though I’m hearing her inner voice in my head. It’s exactly how I’d like to write my own book, actually. Personalized and flowy, in order to tell my story in my own way. I can’t wait to keep reading! I also have Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book on the way, “Big Magic”. I very much resonated with “Eat, Pray, Love”, so I’m looking forward to reading her new work. 

I’ve also found my old dream journal! It’s got these cute little prompts that help you to remember the details of your dreams, which I love. I’ve been having super vivid dreams lately, and sometimes more than one in a night. Apparently “quarantine dreams” are actually a thing though; because we’ve been sleeping much more than we used to, our REM cycles have also elongated as a result. Therefore, we’re having more dreams than usual. Also, since we’re living through unprecedented surreal circumstances like this pandemic, it translates into our dreams. Hence why they’re extra vivid, and sometimes extra weird. I’ve been enjoying my dream sagas thus far though. I’ve dreamt about everything from superheroes to going to a water park with my family to even watching an episode of the Office (an episode that doesn’t exist… my brain was “pitching” an idea and honestly, it wasn’t very good LMAO). 

I’m glad I found the journal so I can keep better track of my dreams. Sooner or later, I know I’ll get that point where I’ll be easily lucid dreaming, or become aware/conscious as I’m dreaming. I love dreams like that. Where it’s almost as though you “wake up” in your dream and become aware that you’re dreaming. It’s such an interesting feeling. 

Anyways, that’s about it for today I suppose! Adrian is picking me up today to bring me over to his place, so after this log I’m going to go get the paints that I know I need to continue with my painting, and pack whatever else I may need accordingly. 

In other exciting news – because I won all that money playing online with a tiny bit of government money (hehe thank you government), I decided to splurge and buy a whole bunch of skincare stuff, and I also treated Bea and Olivia to whatever the hell they wanted off of Amazon. Now, we’re armed to the teeth with all sorts of cool stuff like pure virgin coconut oil, facial scrubs, gold eye masks, super hydrating moisturizers, etc. I’M SO EXCITED!! I really want to make skin care a priority during this time – I’ve been so makeup free lately that my skin is really healthy, but I want to take it a step further. 

I have pretty dark under-eye circles and some fine lines that I’d like to get rid of (probably from not properly putting SPF lotions on my face when I travel and stuff). I’m turning 28 this year (WTF) so I think it’s about time I start taking proper care of my skin as to not look as old as I’m turning, LOL. I’d like to age ~gracefully~. I can’t believe I’m almost 30. I do not feel almost 30. I think I still feel like 25-26 maybe. I’m “old”, but I don’t feel “old”. I like playing Mario Kart on my switch, I am a giant child, and I don’t have a career or mortgage. But, I’m cool with that. I think I’m pretty responsible for the most part. When I have to be. I can “adult” if necessary. 

Either way, I think “adulting” is just a series of actions/decisions that allow you to pass off as though you actually are “adulting”. Some taxes here, bill payments there, buy/rent a place, pop out some babies and bam, that’s adulting. Aside from that, it’s mostly just figuring things out as you go along, isn’t it? Isn’t that what life is as a whole? So, I’m not going to worry about what I may be doing “right” or “wrong” when it comes to where I “should” be in life regarding my age. To quote my favourite movie, “hang the code and hang the rules! They’re more like “guidelines” anyways!” 

Anyways, this went off on a strange tangent (thank you, ADHD), so I shall draw this to a close now. I’m glad I’m writing more frequently – here’s hoping it lasts! 

I’m glad that I’ve decided to be more productive about my quarantine time and that I’m actually acting upon it. I feel like I’ve had my fill of allowing myself to do absolutely nothing and anything that I wanted without structure or time frames, and I very much enjoyed that. But true to form (and my sun sign Libra), I know myself and I know I need balance in my life. Too much of anything can sometimes become a bad thing. It’s all about moderation and balance. 

I guess that’s it for today! Until next time. 

Love, love, love and tons of light, 


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