Day 121 – April 30th, 2020

Hellooooooo! Another fine day. It’s raining, but that’s quite fitting as it’s… THE LAST DAY OF APRIL! Wow. That happened really, really fast. Tomorrow… IT’S GONNA BE MAY *NSYNC TUNE* (LOL). 

And right off the bat, we’re having some wonderful weather – this weekend, it’s going up to 19-21. FINALLY!! Thank the Lord!! It’s about time we get some sun and warmer weather. We need that vitamin D and we need that warmth!! I also can’t wait to see all of the trees, flowers and other various foliage come to life! Spring is maybe one of my least favourite seasons because of my allergies, but I do appreciate the beauty of it. 

What am I up to today? Well, I’ve finished my book already, so that’s no longer an option heh. I must say – I’d highly recommend “Year of Yes” to anyone who’s trying to step out of their comfort zone or live a more fulfilling life. It was super inspiring to read Shonda Rhimes’ story; for someone who was accomplished as she was, it’s amazing to see that she recognized that success was not enough and that she wanted to be genuinely happy amidst everything she’d achieved externally. Such a good book! 

I think what I’ll do today is paint for a little while. I think the Moon was just in Cancer (so my moon sign was at home) because I am in my feels and feeling that creative energy! I also really like how rainy it is outside, it sets this nice comfy mood for painting. 

I guess that’s about it for today! Tomorrow, Adrian and I are returning back to my place because Trevor is cooking a full traditional Turkish meal. Man, I may miss travelling, but with all this amazing food I’ve been getting to eat (Mexican, Italian, Southern and now Turkish), it feels like we’ve been travelling anyways, LOL. I’m enjoying all this amazing food (and I’ll lose the weight eventually, heh). 

For now, I’m going to set up my paint stuff, maybe smoke a little, and get into my creative zone where my mind settles into that soothing hum of silence and magic. Until tomorrow morning! 

Love always, love everywhere, love all the time, 


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