Day 158 + 159 – June 6th & 7th, 2020

Sad news (because as per usual, when it rains, it pours). My cat isn’t doing too well. We’ve been noticing recently that he’s been losing weight, and we attributed it to him losing interest in his dry food because he was eating his wet food just fine. We got him a new brand of cat food that was holistic and organic, and he seemed to like that alot better. We’d also noticed he’d been drinking a lot of water lately, but it didn’t seem out of the ordinary. 

But now, it seems as though his health is suddenly deteriorating rapidly; over the weekend, he started vomiting, sneezing repetitively, his eyes are watering, he’s lethargic and he’s lost interest in his food altogether, both the dry food and the wet food he usually loves. We’re taking him to the vet early tomorrow morning. 

I’m nervous because when his brother was ill, the clinic took us for all we were worth (over five grand in medications and check-ups alone), and then told us that it was too late to do anything for him and that he was already too far gone. It’s hard when it comes to animals. You want to do everything you can for them, but then there are humans who know that full-well and seem to take advantage of that fact. Thankfully, we have a bit more experience with this now after everything we went through with his brother, and if we have to take my cat somewhere else for a second opinion, then we can do so. 

Le sigh. I hope he makes it through this. He’s going to be fourteen years old this year, which means he’s approximately around the same age as a 70-year old man. He’s lived a wonderfully long, love-filled life. So, no matter what happens, the most important thing at the end of the day is that we do not prolong his suffering, if he cannot be helped. If he can be, then we will do everything and anything it takes. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll try to be as positive as humanly possible about this as opposed to preparing for the worst. 

Anyways, I think that’s about all for today. I’ll write when I have a chance soon! 

Stay positive, me. Have a light heart and be that sunny, uplifting person you are. Accept your feelings and let them pass through you – don’t hold onto pain or sadness. Feel it through, react as you must, and then let go. Whatever is meant to be, will be. 

Love always and deeply, 


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